Magic Now music video

The 1st song from our new EP is released.
The song is called “Magic Now”.

Even though we released our first EP last year, it was mostly based on our main band’s Patreon materials.

So this second EP is like our real debut.
And this song “Magic Now” is our statement as a band. (Even though we are not really a band)

It’s an amazing (hopefully) song with a nod to old school indie rock, alternative rock, and just a little bit of heavy metal.

Here’s a Spotify link.

And we made a music video, too.

Again, it’s a home made style, simple movie.

Footage used is, window views from a train.
It’s somewhere in Kanagawa and Shizuoka. And the ending part is somewhere around Lake Hamana (浜名湖).

We hope you will like it.